“And I had no idea who that person [the actor who will play Ichabod] would be, because I’d only read the Washington Irving piece, and so even though I read our pilot, it didn’t necessarily mean an attractive, tall English man. I thought he was going to be someone gangly and nerdy. I had a vision and then Tom walks in and I was like, ‘What the hell is going on?! What’s this?!’”

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Tears moistened Newt’s eyes, and Thomas was sure that even within the dark chamber of memories that were locked away, out of his reach, he’d never seen someone look so sad.

Keeper of the Runners

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"What? What’s so funny?" (x

here have a laughing ki hong lee and will poulter to make your day better!!

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get to know me meme | [1/?] favorite musical artists
↳ Beyoncé; I have a lot of awards and I have a lot of these things that are amazing and I worked my ass off, I worked harder than probably everybody I know to get those things, but nothing feels like my child singing ‘mummy’. No, nothing feels like when I look my husband in the eyes, nothing feels like when I’m respected, when I get on the stage and I see I’m changing peoples lives.Those are the things that matter and at this point in my life that’s what I’m striving for - growth, love, happiness, fun.

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Best moment in television history

I might as well hand you the trophy right now, Miss Pratt. But I won’t. Not until I see how the rest of you step up your game.
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[re: his role as Young Hitler]  I thought it was amazing, actually; I really liked it. To get into the mind of an innocent, untouched kid that goes on to become one of the maddest monsters the world has ever seen — as an 11-year-old, I was very excited by that.

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